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Warranty Policy

Warranty, Returns & Cancellations

What is my warranty period?

HoleMorePutts provides a 1 year Limited Warranty for any HMP Product from the date of purchase.

In Warranty

For any HMP Product that is in warranty, and for which you have Proof of Purchase, get in contact with us (, and please provide us with the following details

:: Date of purchase

:: Place of purchase

:: Your contact details, phone number, email address and physical delivery address

:: Describe the fault or defect with the product

:: Proof of purchase, examples are

:: Order Confirmation Email

:: Copy of statement from your financial institution used to pay for the item (Please remember to block out all card and account details)

On receiving the details above we will dispatch a ‘Returns Unit’ this will allow you to safely return the item to us so that we can assess it and either repair or replace as appropriate.

If a new HMP Product fails within the first 6 months of your purchase date, it will be replaced by a new unit.

After 6 months from the date of purchase we will either repair it or, at our discretion reserve the right to replace your product with a refurbished, fully tested unit. Please be aware this process can take up to 21 days.

If, for some reason, we cannot supply a direct replacement for your product because of obsolescence or an inability to obtain a unit within a suitable timeframe, then we will send you a suitable replacement as close as possible to your original purchase.

Out of Warranty

If you have a faulty HMP Product that is outside of its 1 year warranty or you have accidently damaged the product, we may be able to offer a chargeable repair / replacement solution, contact for further details.

Rechargeable Batteries

Some HMP products may include an internal rechargeable battery that is not user accessible and must be replaced by HMP or an authorised HMP service provider. The internal rechargeable battery is covered by this limited warranty as a standard component of the HMP Product and is covered for the same period of time.

As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of any battery included in the HMP Product will decrease with time or use, and battery cycle life will vary depending on product model, configuration, features, use, wireless functionality, and power settings used. A decrease in maximum battery capacity or battery cycle life is not a defect in materials or workmanship, and this Limited Warranty does not cover changes in battery capacity or battery cycle life. To the extent permitted by local law, the battery is only warranted against defects in materials or workmanship resulting in failure of the battery to operate for the duration of the Limited Warranty Period.

How does the return by courier work?

When HoleMorePutts ships your product to you, as long as you have supplied us with an email address, and/or a mobile phone number, you will receive messages confirming when the product has been shipped.

These messages will include your tracking number and will also give you a chance to postpone delivery if you are not going to be available on the delivery date shown in the message.

You will also get messages on the morning of the planned delivery with the hour long slot that delivery is planned to be within.

What is my warranty after my return has been dealt with?

If your product is found not to be faulty then your original warranty period remains unchanged.

If we have repaired or replaced your product within your original warranty period, you will be covered for 90 days or to the end of your original warranty period, whichever is the later date.

What happens if my product is damaged?

If you have accidentally damaged your HMP Product then please discuss this with the Support team before returning it.

If we receive your product and it is damaged on arrival then we will contact you to discuss your next steps. We are not liable for customer or courier damage prior to our receiving of product and this would mean that any required repair would fall outside of our In Warranty process. We are happy to help you but this would then be under the terms of our Out Of Warranty Process.

Best Practice, when returning your device.

:: Make sure that we are aware that you are sending an HMP Product to us, we are not responsible for items sent to us without our prior knowledge.

:: Make sure you package the product securely and safely, we cannot be held liable for damage to the product on its journey to us.

:: Please consider using any form of tracked and signed for delivery, this will provide you with protection and compensation from the couriers if your item is lost or damaged in transit.

What is your cancellation / refund policy?

If you purchased your device from you have a 30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

To process your refund please get in touch with us via and provide us with the following details:

:: Date of purchase

:: Your contact details, phone number, email address (same one used to make your purchase)

:: Order Confirmation Number

Once we have confirmed your order and accept the return you will be required to send the unit back to us, we highly recommend that you use a tracked & signed for delivery method, this will be at your own cost. Details of our fulfilment centre will be made available to you after acceptance of your product return.

If you purchased your HoleMorePutts Product from a retail store or green grass golf facility, you will need to inquire with the store you purchased the device from on their refund policy.

When will the refund appear on my debit/credit card?

Once your device is processed and received at our fulfilment centre, your refund credit will appear on your card within 10-14 business days. It is in your best interest to send back your device as soon as possible