Using Hole More Putts

Using Hole More Putts.

1. Hole More Putts Tablet

Hole More Putts Tablet

2. iOS App

Hole More Putts iOS App

3. Member's Area

Hole More Putts Member's Area

1. Hole More Putts

Taking a Putt on the Tablet is Easy

  • Place the Tablet on the green or floor and line it up with your target.
  • Press and then press .
  • Place a ball on the centre spot
  • Set up to the ball to take a putt either right handed or left handed.
  • When the light turns from flashing Red to steady Green, take a putt.

The Tablet gives instant feedback on each putt on the EPaper display. After a set of 5 putts, the Tablet will calculate your Putting Index.

The Tablet’s display screen will give you instant feedback on each of your putts. After a series of 5 putts, the tablet will calculate your average Putting Index.

Using the keypad, you can scroll through the on screen options to view further analysis of your putts.

2. iOS App

You can download the Hole More Putts App for iOS free of charge. You can then upload data using your iPhone and immediately see your analysis and the factors you should focus on.

The Hole More Putts App also gives you the specific drills you should practice on for each factor identified.

3 screens from the iOS app

3. Member’s Area

The ‘Members Area’ of the Hole More Putts Website provides you with a trend analysis of your last 5 sets. Each set of 5 can be analysed in detail and the website gives a visualisation of each putt showing the 5 factors individually.

Visit the ‘Members Area’ to get a detailed analysis of your stroke showing where it is outside the desired target areas parameters. You will also get direction on the specific areas you should focus on to achieve the best results quickly as well practice drills suited to what you need. View Member’s Area Demo

The Hole More Putts Member's Area on a laptop screen