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Register your Tablet via your iPhone

(Android version is not yet available)
Download the Hole More Putts App via the Apple App Store and follow the onscreen instructions.

Register your Tablet via your PC

Step 1

Connect your Tablet using the USB cable provided to a USB port on your PC. On your Tablet navigate to the Menu / Options by pressing the ↑ or ↓ arrow.

In the Menu area select Options

In the Options area select Connect and scroll ↑ or ↓ to ensure that you are using the USB mode

Step 2

Click here to download the Hole More Putts PC Portal application

Step 3

When prompted run the setup wizard installer by clicking next

Screenshot of step 3 of registration process

Step 4

Select and save the installation folder to your computer, by default the program will save to SQ9\HoleMorePutts\ and click next

Screenshot of step 4 of registration process

Step 5

When the installer is ready to complete the installation, click next

Screenshot of step 5 of registration process

Step 6

When the installation has been successfully installed, click close to finish, once clicked the program will run automatically, opening up the initial Registration Page.

Screenshot of step 6 of registration process

Step 7

After selecting to register yourself, please complete all the registration details required and click Register.

Screenshot of step 7 of registration process

Step 8

Once you have successfully registered it is time to Sync My Tablet.

Screenshot of step 8 of registration process

Step 9

Once your Tablet has been sync’d to your PC then you will be sent your own personal dashboard, either showing you data from putts that you have already taken or it will be empty if you have not yet taken any putts.