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Hole More Putts

Putter Fittings
Have never been this easy

Odyssey Fits is a revolutionary new putter fitting tool that is easy to set up, and simple to use. Just put the tablet on the ground, roll five putts, sync to the Odyssey Fits app, and you’ll see which Odyssey Putter best fits your stroke!

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“We have been blown away by the attention to detail in this product. Incredibly accurate and very simple to use, a tool that any level of fitter, novice or the best instructors in the world can use.”

Sean Toulon
Senior Vice President, Callaway Golf & GM Odyssey Golf



Once you input the putter model that you’re testing and roll five putts, Odyssey Fits will analyze how well that putter model fits you (based on the HMP Index Score). It will also assess the areas of improvement in your stroke and recommend which putter is right for you.

  1. Face Angle at Impact
  2. Strike Point
  3. Putter Face Rotation

Odyssey Fits on the Callaway Fitting Podcast

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