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Meet Hole More Putts

Improve Your Game.

For golfers of all standards, Hole More Putts is the high tech solution for one of the most challenging parts in the game of golf – Putting, accounting for 40% of your shots. To do this Hole More Putts measures the 5 Impact Factors defined by the PGA:

Face Angle Icon

Face Angle

Degrees + or – from 0°
Impact Point Icon

Impact Point

Distance from centre measured in mms
Path Icon


Degrees + or – from 0°
Impact Speed Icon


Level of consistency measured in m/s
Angle of Attack Icon

Angle of Attack

Degrees + or – from 0°
An iPad showing the Hole More Putts Member Area

The Data.

The Hole More Putts Tablet measures the 5 Impact Factors defined by the PGA and records data for each putt.

The Hole More Putts Website provides the golfer with a trend analysis of their last 5 sets. Each set of 5 can be analysed in detail and the website gives a visualisation of each putt showing the 5 factors individually.

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The Diagnosis.

A trend graph showing Hole More Putts Index

Putting Index

After 5 putts, the Tablet calculates the players Putting Index – a weighted average reflecting the relative importance of each Impact Factor.

A diagnosis table from Hole More Putts

Areas to focus on

The Website and App will highlight all of the stroke elements that show an opportunity for improvement. Hole More Putts software then identifies the factors where the biggest and quickest improvements can be made.

The Direction.

Based on this diagnosis, Hole More Putts gives you personalised improvement instruction and specific drill to practice in an easy-to-follow video format.

The Website also gives a range of other Tips and Instruction including Green Reading, Distance Control and Practicing effectively.

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An example of some drills suggested by Hole More Putts